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COSES, Consortium for Research and Educational Training, has been a research study centre for the City and Province of Venice since 1967.

Its mission is to carry out research and analysis, and to initiate and develop projects on behalf of its founder members, the City and Province of Venice. It also conducts research studies and manages projects for both public and private bodies, such as governmental departments, universities, cultural foundations and business organizations.

Over the years COSES has consolidated its position as a leading research centre in Italy through its work on sectors such as:

COSES is also involved in:

Located in the historic centre of Venice, COSES has developed particular expertise in dealing with issues which are unique to the City:

COSES is closely linked to the urban development of Venice and its hinterland, a vibrant metropolitan area, and as such, is involved in strategic planning and the implementation of local rules and regulations (eg. regarding the use of public spaces and navigation in the lagoon of Venice).

With 40 years' experience in dealing with the rather complex economic and social scenario of the Province of Venice, COSES has been the driving force behind a variety of projects:

Over time, COSES has become a permanent monitor for the City of Venice, particularly in areas such as:

In 2006, the fruit of many years' work, observing and analysing the activities of Porto Marghera, culminated in a project carried out in partnership with L'Ente Zona.

Research studies carried out by COSES, particularly with regards to tourism, immigration, the job market and the City of Venice, have all had a strong resonance both nationally and internationally. Using direct observation research methods, COSES has acquired particular expertise in the collection and analysis of data to do with transport and traffic, tourism and day excursionists, consumer behaviour and satisfaction, cost to the consumer and areas of production. Most recently, COSES has conducted a number of surveys into customer satisfaction with public services.

In collaboration with Istat, COSES was responsible for the publication of the Provincial Year Book in 2000 and 2003.

Between 2001 and 2005 a designated sector of COSES dealt with the organization of strategic planning for the City of Venice.

Since 2004, AUDIS (Association for the Reclamation and Management of Derelict Land) has come under the COSES umbrella.

Since 2005, a panel of experts and a designated sector of COSES have been involved in designing the Master Plan of the Province of Venice.

Our website is dedicated to a variety of research themes. COSES periodically sends out a free newletter to a mailing list of over 1,000 subscribers.

For a complete bibliography of all our work and projects please click on: Documents and Reports.

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